About Us

Full plant tinctures
Magik Roots 

Traditional [ truh-dish-uh-nl ]

Traditional - (handed down by tradition) Products -made with integrity that are time tested. It's more work and takes longer to craft good healthy products.  

Whole/ Full plant Capsules
Magik Roots Natural,Vegan,Beyond full spectrum

Craft [ kraft, krahft ]

Craft - (an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill)

Each item is crafted with positive energy to bring about a positive outcome.

Full Plant Teas, Magik Roots, natural, herbal teas, hemp tea

Medicinal [ muh-dis-uh-nl ] full plant

Medicinal - (of a substance or plant) having healing properties.

Hemp has 113 cannabinoids available and over 400 plus compounds. We craft them into all of our products, you only have to try them to understand.